Day: June 3, 2019


How to apply for UOB – I Cash loan

There are several steps associated with the application of สินเชื่อส่วนบุคคล uob. They recommend trusting on UOB-I Cash for personal loans as they offer this loan from leading banks, for example, the UOB. One will most likely receive the cash within the next three working days from the date of application.

Criteria for owners to get สินเชื่อบุคคล ยูโอบี

  1. He or she must have the nationality of Thailand.
  2. They must be of minimum 20 years old to 60 years old.
  3. The individual must have experience of a minimum of 3 years or more in the same field.
  4. The owner’s company must have a revenue collection of 2 lakhs Baht per month or even more.

Criteria for regular staff:

  • The individual must have Thai nationality.
  • They must be aged somewhere between 20 to 60.
  • Must carry a one-year experience record in the present company or business.

The credit limit will never exceed 1000000 Baht, which is usually five times the income of most individuals. They do not ask for any security or guarantee in the form of a person or an existing customer. The repayment for a loan amount can be made quite quickly as compared to other lenders as they provided a 60 months’ time period for the refund. In case one does not require the loan and want to cancel the already approved limit, they can do so quite easily. It involves very few easy steps and must be done within a period of 7 days from approval. A cancelation within this period does not require any fees. The personal loans offered by UOB-I Cash are faster than other informal loans and cost-effective. They are safer than others, too as in today’s market, fraudulence activities have increased drastically.